RAP Clean Vehicle Technology
Mr. G.J. Rap

Beekstraat 8-A
7227 BC Toldijk
The Netherlands

Telefon: +31 (0)313-473420
Fax: +31 (0)313-473420
Homepage: www.rap.ac
E-Mail: info(at)rap.ac

Directoring. Gert-Jan Rap
Tel.:+31 (0)575 45 15 13

Zugeordnete Branche:Fahrzeugbau
Umsatz:Unternehmen mit weniger als 40 Mio. Eur Umsatz oder 27 Mio. Eur Bilanzs
Beschreibung (deutsch)
Schulung und Beratung auf das Gebiet von CNG-, LNG- und Wasserstoff-Fahrzeuge.
*) Technik, Sicherheit und Kommerziell
Beschreibung (englisch)
Training and consultancy concerning CNG, LNG and hydrogen-vehicles.
All in the field of "Technology", "Safety", and "Commercially".

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DienstleistungenAus- und WeiterbildungCompany Profile for RAP Clean Air Products RAP Clean Air Products, owned and managed by Mr. Gert-Jan Rap, is specialised in all subjects related to alternative fuel systems (LPG, CNG, LNG, biogas, H2, Hybrid) for Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty vehicles. Rap Clean Air Products can rely on over 20 years of experience in the field of component- and system-development, homologation, commercialisation and market development of alternative fuel systems. The main services provided by RAP Clean Air Products are: - Market Research - Project Management - Technical and Commercial Training - Assistance in applying for project Incentives & Financing - Consultancy After a mutual investigation of your program or requirements, RAP Clean Air Products will provide you with solutions designed to fulfil the requirements of your company. For alternative fuelled vehicles related products, like refuelling stations, transport equipment etc., RAP Clean Air Products has an extensive international network of specialised companies, so combined and complete services can be offered. If your request is deviating from one of the above mentioned subjects, do not hesitate to contact RAP Clean Air Products. We look forward to discussing your requirements in the future. Gert-Jan Rap rap-cleanairproducts@wanadoo.nl